The wood, glass and concrete are combined with the quiet lighting scheme, and the suspended track lights draw stripes on the ceiling above the rest area. The modular sofa can provide about 360 degrees of seats, and a pair of small side tables adds a sculptural shape to the center of the room.





The kitchen restaurant is next to the TV wall in the lounge. A spectacular kitchen ceiling feature creates a dramatic dark background for the brightly burning linear chandeliers. A black rectangular table complements the installation. Ceiling treatment is used as a clear partition technology on the kitchen island, and a meal is added at one end of the kitchen island.





The winged platform bed overlaps with the huge illuminated vanity mirror, which is matched with the floating dresser and modern vanity chair. Unique linear pendants gather light above the nightstand. The lath closet door is shared with the charming backlit contour inside.







The deluxe bathroom glows around the dresser in the double-sink bathroom. A big bathtub lay under the shady palm tree.
The semi-transparent room partition separates the bathtub from the toilet and bidet. The symmetrical glass shell shines like a huge lantern.